TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE ON THE BEACH ALWAYS Read information notices Swim between the red and yellow flags on patrolled beaches Leave the water if you feel tired or unwell NEVER Swim alone Swim until at least one hour after eating Swim after drinking alcohol Swim when a red flag is flying Leave children unsupervised Snorkel unless you are a good swimmer Put yourself in danger of being cut off by the tide Sit under cliffs Play or climb on cliffs Go near cliff edges Use inflatables in the sea IF YOU GET INTO DIFFICULTIES IN THE SEA Remain calm Do not tire yourself Attract attention by shouting for help and waving one arm Swim diagonally across the current IF YOU SEE SOMEONE IN DIFFICULTIES IN THE SEA Contact a Lifeguard or dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard Follow any instructions given by a Lifeguard or the Coastguard Use any available rescue equipment Only enter the water if you are a good swimmer and are confident you will not put yourself in danger FLAGS SEEN ON THE BEACH Do not swim  Safest swimming area patrolled by lifeguards Swimmers and body boards only, no surfcraft  Area for Malibu boards and surfcraft  An orange windsock indicates wind conditions are especially dangerous and on no circumstances should you take an inflatable into the sea  Look after yourself in the sun SLIP ON A T-SHIRT SLOP ON SUNCREAM SLAP ON A HAT REMEMBER - BE SAFE  AND CONSIDER OTHERS ON THE BEACH AND WHEN YOU LEAVE TAKE WITH YOU EVERYTHING BUT YOUR FOOTPRINTS.